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 About Me...

I enjoy a great deal of diversity in my work - from working with individual clients to consulting with organizations to teaching and conducting research in counselling psychology. Through all of these threads, I weave my commitment to personal and professional integrity, enhancing the health of communities and society, promoting cultural sensitivity and social justice, and working with others in a collaborative and respectful manner. I live in Victoria, BC and work both from home and from an office at Wellspring Counselling and Consulting.

I enjoy gardening, walking by the ocean, spending time with my spouse and my friends, appreciating the artistic expression and creativity of others, as well as doing my own painting and writing. I value the uniqueness of each person I encounter, embrace opportunities to learn more about myself and others, and believe in our individual and collective capacity to grow, change, overcome, and thrive!Here is a little bit about my professional background and roles...

Education and Professional Designations


Registered Clinical Counsellor - British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (Registration #8864)


Registered Psychologist - College of Alberta Psychologists (Registration #2384)


Counseling Psychology - University of Calgary, Faculty of Education, Division of Applied Psychology


Counseling Psychology- University of Calgary, Faculty of Education, Division of Applied Psychology


Psychology - Carleton University in Psychology

Professional Roles

Counsellor Educator

I am professor of counselling psychology in the Graduated Centre for Applied Psychology, Athabasca University - see my academic profile. I teach counselling skills, theories, to graduate students techniques to prepare them for practice as counsellors and psychologists.

Clinical Counsellor & Psychologist

I have a private practice as a clinical counsellor at WellSpring Counselling and Consulting. Before moving to BC, I worked in individual and group counselling as a psychologist in Alberta.


I am co-author/editor of the book, Culture-infused Counselling, available through Counselling Concepts. The first edition of this book won the 2006 Counselling Book Award from the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. Please also check out my other professional writing activities.


I have a passion for multicultural counselling and social justice and engage in on-going research in this area. I have held research grants through Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.


I consult primarily in the areas of distance and online learning, graduate counsellor education, and multicultural counselling and social justice. More details are provided on my consultation page.

Social Justice Advocate

I am the past-president of the Social Justice Chapter of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. I work with colleagues across the country to advance social justice as a central component of counselling practice.


I spent the first 13 years of my academic career in graduate program development and management as a Director and then Associate Dean. I developed expertise in team building, human and financial resources management, and program development and evaluation.


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